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In providing the body with the optimal amount of fluid - about one and a half liters per day.

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It should be noted that an experienced urologist, when choosing research methods and making neurontin, will not exclude the possibility of rethe course of diseases of the genitourinary system in the stage of oncology. Therefore, he must prescribe not only the treatment of existing pathologies, but also additionally carry out the prevention of cancer.

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Preventive measures are aimed at stopping the exacerbation and progression of diseases of the genitourinary organs and are: In the appointment of a dietary food, in which it is not recommended to consume alcoholic beverages, neurontin, fatty, very salty dishes that contribute to the exacerbation of inflammatory processes;

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The introduction of an active lifestyle, since inactivity leads to impaired blood circulation, which buy neurontin negatively affects the work of the kidneys;

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